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Car Parking

Parents should park in the Lake Tyers Beach Reserve and use the School Crossing. Cars picking up from Mill Point Road should go in a clockwise direction around the hall entering on the school side and exiting on the lake side. The school crossing links with the Walking Track/Bike Track from LakeTyers Beach to our school.

Contacting the School

When parents need to contact the school, we ask that they do so during the following times to avoid interruption to classes.
11:00am to 11:30am
1:00pm to 1:45pm
3:15pm to 4:00pm
Should parents wish to discuss a particular matter with a teacher they are asked to contact the Principal to arrange an interview time.


In the case of bushfire see the Bushfire Emergency Management Plan

In the Case of Sickness or Accident

In the event of any child receiving or needing medical treatment, parents will be advised.  Where a child is injured and does not need medical attention, parents will be advised if it is believed that there is a possibility of delayed reaction or complication.  Expenses incurred in seeking medical attention remain the responsibility of parents. The school has a student accident insurance policy that covers children 24 hours/day whether they are at school or home. This insurance is paid for from school fees.

Infectious Diseases

This information can be found on the on the School Exclusion Table by clicking here. This information is maintained by the Department of Human Services.
If your child is unwell please keep them at home to ensure the health of other children in the school.

Medical Management Plan

If you child has a medical condition that requires management you must fill in the Medical Management Plan which can be downloaded here.

Pupil Absence

The Department of Education and Training (DET) requires parents to supply to the school an explanation for the absence of any child.

Riding Bicycles to School

Parents cooperation is sought in our efforts to ensure your child’s safety when cycling to and from school.

  • By law, helmets must be worn.

  • Lake Tyers Beach children are encouraged to use the bicycle track provided and must use the school crossing.  Children must walk across the crossing with their bike and not ride.

  • A bicycle rack is provided for storage of bicycles at school.

  • Bicycles should be well maintained with adequate safety features.


School Transfers

Children should not be enrolled at another school without an official transfer note.  It is important that school records are kept up to date.  If you intend moving from the school please notify the school so that necessary reports and transfer notes can be prepared.